Here's my journey.


Growing up in Romania

Forty years ago, I was born and brought up in a small, remote part of Northern Romania under the secretive, brutal and corrupt dictatorship of Ceausescu.

The poverty of our family and neighbours was very real. The fear of all of us because of his network of secret police and informers was very real.

And the lack of hope, of belief that we as individuals had any rights or should be allowed to create or innovate outside of the state – was very real.

But then came the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of communism across eastern Europe and the sudden opening of borders with a first glimpse of freedom and the opportunities that may be possible.

I realised that I was able to do something that had been denied to my parents and grandparents.

I could say to myself, just imagine how different life could be if I was able to have my own business and my own ideas and be able to learn new languages and meet new people and travel to new places.

Just imagine …

Coming to the UK

When I was 24 years old I did more than just imagine – I got on a plane and came to the UK to begin a new life with only two hundred Euros in my pocket and the promise of a labouring job and a shared room in a house in Brent.

I fell in love with the area and have made it my home ever since and soon I was joined by Simona who became my wife - and all four of our children have been born here as well.

Starting our business

We began our business from a small rented home in Wembley and have gone on to employ many hundreds of people from many different communities and we are very proud to be a part of this unique constituency in the greatest city in the world.

For more than 16 years I’ve got to know exactly what is under our streets as I worked with some of the biggest and best contractors, digging holes, replacing sewers and utility cables and pipes and laying pavements and roads in every part of London.

We work on numerous contracts under and over ground in the city – on the bits we never usually see, but that are essential to make our lives work.

I have quite literally seen how complex and interdependent and often very fragile the world under our feet can be, and I know the enormous importance of ensuring that the basics are in place, the foundations are strong and the infrastructure sound so that we can all safely go about our daily lives.

I know the value of planning, research, innovation, education, encouraging and developing skills, budgeting and financial planning, building and creating new projects, managing teams and people, negotiating contracts and helping everyone in our team to feel valued and supported.

And it is that experience, those skills and the knowledge.

I’ve been involved in the community for several years and have campaigned, knocked on doors, taken part in litter collections and community activities.

Through my company I’ve also supported many local projects and initiatives and for the past two years we’ve sponsored the development stages of a brilliant new music education initiative created and led by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who are re-locating to Wembley and have launched the Brent Music Academy.

They’ve been working with many local organisations to develop and establish new courses in music and production that are specifically aimed at less advantaged children here in our constituency and at the end of the second pilot-stage next year this exciting new venture will open full time.

That is exactly the kind of project I’d love to see a lot more of in Brent and Harrow – ideas and activities that can create hope and opportunities for the future that are real and not just slogans.

And to encourage people and organisations who are positive and aspirational to come to Brent and Harrow and help us develop new and innovative ways of solving problems to benefit all communities and all age groups in all parts of our constituency.

People who are not afraid to imagine.